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5 star rating    4/30/2019

This place is a serious gold mine if you're into prime cuts of meats! Was extremely impressed with the care of quality!

DeniseComment from Denise M. of Alexander's Prime Meats and Catering - Business Owner

5/1/2019 - Thanks for the review Cesar. Did you know we BBQ our prime meat every weekend?

5 star rating    3/28/2019

Good and decent prices for their meats. They also have unique items a lot of other stores don't have.

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3/31/2019 - Thank you Moises! We appreciate your business and that you took the time to review us. Did you know we BBQ every Saturday and Sunday from 11-3?

5 star rating    3/9/2019

If you're looking for a top quality butcher shop, this is it.

We bought both a prime rib for Christmas and fresh lobster tails for NYE and the quality of both were amazing.

Alexander's provides a prime rib of exceptional quality so that you can do it at home. I've been to multiple famous chop houses and I'd say the quality of the meat at Alexander's is on-par (if not even better) than those restaurants.

Everyone here is super friendly and will walk you through whatever you're looking at for your next meal!

5 star rating    2/12/2019

Mike IS awesome! His class, kindness and professionalism are what set him apart from other business owners. He is a hard worker and understands what a customer wants = customer service. I mean, go figure right?! Novel idea:-) Nevertheless, I had another great visit today and have already started to enjoy my food. I will be sharing it with friends over the weekend into next week. The quality of their product is far superior over any other local market. This includes Bristol Farms, Whole Foods and certainly Trader Joe's. I haven't purchased meat anywhere else since I starting coming here. By the way, their duck is also outstanding. Can't recommend this place enough. They have been feeding me real well!

5 star rating    1/20/2019

I love a prime meat market and Alexander's doesn't disappoint. Prime beef, delicious on the grill, cuts like butter.

5 star rating    1/8//2019

The only place to buy Quality Meat! Love that they still have great butchers in town. Not only are they friendly and knowledgeable, but they are extremely helpful as well. Bought a turkey and some sides here for the holidays. They were excellent. When I BBQ, it's the only place that I will buy my meat. They always have a great selection of Prime Beef, and if I don't see what I would like, they'll cut it for me. They have a nice deli section with items already cooked. Great for a last minute take home for dinner. I especially like their fresh made soups and salads. I have been to events where they have catered the food, and it has always been excellent and very well displayed. Large parking lot in front of the store makes it easy to get in and out quickly.

5 star rating    1/6/2019

Really helpful! Very friendly! Answered all my questions! Maybe because it was late in the day but the selection was low...but the flank I bought was super good! Way better than the "regular" markets. Will try the seafood case next. 4 stars only because it's a first visit.

5 star rating    12/31/2018

First time visiting this place. I have been fed up going to Bristol Farms and Whole Foods to keep getting crappy meat, chicken, fish, etc and paying hefty prices for them. Scott helped me. He was super nice and friendly. I was in the market for making my own Bone Broth. He gave me several good suggestions and cut my marrow bones for me. I also purchased some chicken, shrimp and ground beef as well as a nice veal shank. Plus they get their beef from Harris Ranch. I have flown in there many times. Great place!

5 star rating    12/27/2018

I purchased two beautiful prime rib roasts to serve on Christmas Eve. The roasts were wonderful. I know it takes some talent to roast the meat but my years of experience also tells me that you have to start with high quality meat...Thank you for making my dinner a success. The quality of your meat never disappoints!

5 star rating    11/17/2018

Excellent quality meat. One of the best I know. Going tomorrow to pick up some since I'm posting this.

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11/18/2018 - Thank you Hoang. We appreciate your business! Did you know BBQ our Prime Tri tips every Saturday and Sunday? See you in the store!

5 star rating    10/14/2018

One of my favorite spots for steak, the people are great, and helpful. Please try this before you go out and spend your cash

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10/25/2018 - Thank you Patricia! We appreciate that you took the time to rate us! Did you know that we dry-age our beef in our coolers for at least 3 weeks? Ask our butchers why dry-aging makes our beef exceptional.

5 star rating    9/21/2018

These guys are fantastic. I go there for my rare cuts of types of meat.

Much better having a choice and seeing the meat in front of you rather than ordering online and having a frozen package show up at your door.

The service is great and I enjoy having conversations and listening to their recommendations.

I would strongly recommend this butcher to any one who is a fan of meat and is looking for prime or higher grade meat to cook at very reasonable prices!

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9/21/2018 - Thanks Grant! We really appreciate that you took the time to review us. Just to let you know, we BBQ our prime tritips and free range chicken every weekend

5 star rating    8/26/2018

Best steaks in SGV area. If you are serious about grilling this is where to go. Forget Whole Foods and such

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8/28/2018 - Thanks for the review Peter! We fire up our BBQ every Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine. Prime Meats and free range chicken. Hope to see you soon in the store!

5 star rating    8/11/2018

Amazing place! Came here for the husband's birthday. Getting a nice steak was his bday gift. We didn't know going into the market what we wanted but saw a sign that they had wagyu and tomahawk! The wagyu were vacuum sealed and they had run out of tomahawk but the guys in the back were awesome and cut up a couple of them for us to take home. Thank you guys, special shout out to Luis, for making my husband's bday! This won't be a regular thing but we would definitely come back if the occasion calls for it again. I've already referred you guys to a few people!

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8/28/2018 - Thank you Irene for the great review. I'll be sure to pass on the compliment to Luis, too! For your convenience, check out our hot and cold deli AND we deliver, too!

5 star rating    7/29/2018

Alexander's Catering.

I had Alexander's Catering cater a party and "WOW" what an outstanding job they did!!!! Denise and Mike plus their team made the event wonderful. Our event was a casino night and they designed the banquet table with gaming cards, dice and other items that played right into our casino night. The food was "Outstanding" and the staff could have not been better! We had guests asking who was the caterer because the food and staff were so professional! At our next event not even a question who will cater the food "Alexander's Catering" !!!!

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7/30/2018 - Thank you, Dave and the Pasadena Optimists for having us cater your Casino Night party. We appreciate that you took the time to review us. We look forward to catering for you again!

5 star rating    6/2/2018

After looking around the area for a quality butcher with good ribeye steaks I found Alexander's and I know I found the one. I have to spend my money carefully since I'm on a budget but when I have some extra cash I spend it on the most tender and flavorful steak I can get my hands on and savor every minute

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6/3/2018 -Luis,
So glad you found us! All our beef is prime. Thank you for the great review.

5 star rating    5/20/2018

Not sure why I've been wasting my time driving to Hollywood to get dry aged steaks when Alexander's was right under my nose this whole time. Jason cut my porterhouses to order, 3" so we could prepare them Peter Luger style: seared in the pan, sliced, then finished in the oven. Spectacular product, superb service, excellent value. Thank you!

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5/20/2018 - Thanks Fred, for the great review. See you in the store again soon.

5 star rating    4/3/2018

If you are into old school meat markets, this is your place; OG butchers much like barbers, bartenders, or tailors hone their craft and their social skills because they find joy in their work and build relations while doing it.
Not the cheapest ; but definitely quality meat across the board, you will not be disappointed. I specifically get my tri tip there because it is literally the best i have had anywhere.
This is the sort of market you would have found in the glory days of the neighborhood market, here's hoping it sticks around for good.

DeniseComment from Denise M. of Alexander's Prime Meats and Catering - Business Owner

4/3/2018 - Thank you so much for the great review. It's always nice to know that our customers appreciate what we do. Next time you're in the store we'd love you to introduce yourself.

5 star rating    11/202017

The BEST place to get meat. I use to just settle for Costco meat, but no longer! Just recently bought a prime new york roast for my family and they loved it.

Everyone kept asked me where I got the meat and I happily told them it was from Alexander's. This will be the place I go to from now on for my roasting/bbq meats. It is more expensive then your average supermarket/costco, but it is will worth it.

DeniseComment from Denise M. of Alexander's Prime Meats and Catering - Business Owner

11/22/2017 - Thanks for the great review Charlie. We really appreciate that you're getting the word out about our Prime Meats

5 star rating    10/9/2017

Oh my GawD ! Simply the best yes thee best Tri-tip I have  have ever had. They season the meat for me I didn't ask what it was but they used an oil that helped char meat an keeps the juices in the meat. I think it was the way we smoked the meat that made it that much better. I could have eaten the whole two pounds my self if I didn't share next time getting my own. After chairing the meat you wrap it up in foil an smoke it it's the best. Get them bratwurst! Veal ! What is that lamb? No man baby cows ! Oh but it tastes so Dammmmm GooooD!

DeniseComment from Denise M. of Alexander's Prime Meats and Catering - Business Owner

10/9/2017 Allen, thanks for the great review. We will be having our Oktoberfest on the 28th and will be barbecuing are house-made bratwurst, weisswurst and knockwurst. Hope to see you then

5 star rating    9/3/2017

The best steaks I've ever had were cooked by the great... ME! I've been to my fair share of steak houses, and I've generally had great experiences with them. But when I brought out my cast iron and put the rib eyes from Alexander's, my mouth was overwhelmed with flavor and goodness. The Rib Eyes I bought here were expensive. Very expensive and typically out of my price range. ~$30/lb. I bought a good amount to cook for my family and we all agreed that it was the best steak we've ever had. I didn't change what I normally do, so I have to give my props to the quality of the meat. There was copious marbling, which resulted in a juicy tender steak. The meat was very fresh, which led to honest flavoring and great aromas. Do yourself a favor. In the wise words of Tom Haverford in Parks and Rec, TREAT YO SELF.

DeniseComment from Denise M. of Alexander's Prime Meats and Catering - Business Owner

9/3/2017 - Thanks Brian for the review. I'm glad you and your family enjoyed our Prime dry-aged Beef. We look forward to seeing you in the store again soon.

5 star rating    8/9/2017

WOW! WOW! WOW! Everything was extraordinary. Food, service. I cannot thank you enough as well as Mike, Susie, Jesus and the rest of the crew. All our guests were extremely complimentary. I am thinking of an excuse for another party so we can do it again.

Linda Bourg

DeniseComment from Denise M. of Alexander's Prime Meats and Catering - Business Owner

8/9/2017 - Thank you Linda for the great review! It was a pleasure working with you.

5 star rating    7/25/2017

Before we got a Costco membership, we were looking for a nice butcher shop to buy Prime steaks and came across Alexander's. It was a little far to drive for a couple of steaks buttttt.... as much as we love steak, it was totally worth. We went straight to the meat counter towards the back of the store and was helped by an older gentleman immediately. He picked out two very well marbled strip steaks for us and weighed them up. The prices were reasonable, it came out to be roughly $38 for two 14-16oz steaks, and rang us up. They don't let you take the meat to the front of the store to pay. I guess someone's stolen something before?! You can buy the rest of your groceries here too, although the produce wasn't w0w fresh. It looked like any grocery store with slightly inflated prices. We actually turned the two steaks into the hugest burgers (I know, we're idiots). Boyfriend couldn't stop saying they were the best burgers he's ever had, so flavorful with a lot of the juices from the meat running down our hands as we ate. I'd come back a lot more if we didn't get Prime steaks from Costco now, and if it was a little bit closer to home.

5 star rating    7/3/2017

Have you ever dreamed about steak?

The best steaks on earth. on the earth...nay, in the universe.

This place will ruin steakhouses for you.

5 star rating    6/12/2017

Every cut of meat I've purchased from here turned out great when we cooked it. Great quality with people who know their stuff. It's a little pricey so there could be some worry about messing up the great piece of meat you just purchased. I'd probably recommend going for the cheaper cuts from there or even in other stores and make this a special occasion treat due to its price, but it's definitely worth it. Nice staff and are helpful with any advice you need in preparing your meats.

5 star rating    5/28/2017

I hate to shop. I have to say that "Tony, the butcher" makes it very a pleasurable experience! Thank you so much for your hard work and your great smile, laughter and superb service! See you soon! Keep up the great work! Thanks again Alexander's Prime Meats and Catering!

5 star rating    4/26/2017

Five star for the service I just received from the butcher. First, I was coughing and throats was dry he gave me water which helped. Second, my credit card didn't work due to me purchasing out of the norm, I live in OC and drove up to SG to get the picanha cut. My bill came out to around $56.00, I only had $53.00 in cash, I offered to return the smaller cut of the meat so I can pay for it without owing them money, he told me to just give me $53. This alone will have me driving back up to purchase more meat from them. Plus, they also have Harris Ranch beef. Can't wait to try the other cuts of meat they have there.

5 star rating    4/23/2017

My new go to butcher. BBQ for my team at work, pre ordered beef ribs added pork butt and chicken. Biggest beef ribs I'v ever seen. Great selection of seafood too, helpful staff. Highly recommend.

5 star rating    3/29/2017

Alexander's is A+ when it comes to the best meat and seafood for sure.

My 5 stars however are for the exemplary customer service I received from an employee by the name of LUIS (I hope I'm spelling it correctly). He assisted me 3 (yes that's how good this place is) days in a row. I had an issue with a purchase from my second visit and he seamlessly handled my transaction with a smile and perfect customer service. Thanks Luis for your great attitude!

5 star rating    2/28/2017

Thank you, Tony and Butch, for your professionalism and warm sense of humor. The entire staff comprise of expert knowledge and pride of what they present and serve.  Keep up the excellent customer service.

5 star rating    2/4/2017

Friendly staff and a good selection makes this place a must for your ingredients or your lunch/dinner grabs!

5 star rating    12/22/2016

Just the best meat. Period! They know their stuff! They are friendly. They have great seafood. They have Shelton poultry. ...Should I keep going? Just try them, you will quickly become a fan.

4 star rating    11/29/2016

It was a hit and miss from calling in to place a order to picking up the bone-in "prime" grade rib roast. I needed a roast for friends-giving and ordered a 3 rib roast to season and cook for friends-giving and I called Alexander meats. The gentleman picking up was kind of rude as it was my first time ordering the roast and he was being impatient with just one or two questions i had. Any one after him was pleasant except one could not understand English?!? I ordered 3 rib bone in prime rib roast from the loin end to be trimmed of excess fat and bone removed but tied back on for easy cutting. I got back a nice rib done the way i asked except it was covered in fat and was from the middle ribs instead of the loin end. It was also not trimmed correctly at all. Other then that the quality was good. I still docked a star for not getting what i asked.

5 star rating    11/1//2016

These guys have great quality meats.  I've been here twice now and have tried the NY and the ribeye.  My favorite is the ribeye, but my SO really enjoyed the NY.  Steaks all came out tender and juicy.  Glad there is a family run business like this.  Will be back for more!

5 star rating    10/14/2016

I stopped ordering steak from restaurants. Why? Because of places like Alexander's. The quality of meat you can get here is bar none. I can do a far more better job grilling the steak than any restaurant. I don't have to deal with the pressure of ordering expensive wine or corkage fees. I've gotten prime rib eye, tenderloin cap, new york steak, catered for a party of 40, and don't forget their weekend tri tip sandwich special for just $6.99! You can't beat it. Highly recommend.

5 star rating    10/4/2016

High quality food. Love this place. Ask about the dry aged beef. They can get just about anything

5 star rating    8/14/2016

Super friendly service with super high quality meat! 

Was making Gordom Ramsay's beef wellington and it came out perfectly. The beef filet just melts in your mouth with each bite. 

Definitely will recommend this place if you're looking for high quality steak/meats.

5 star rating    8/8/2016

I heard about this place way back, but never had a chance to go. Then there was this one day where it HAD to be a steak typa night. Decided to finally drop by and check out their meat selection.

I'm a rib eye type of person so I asked them I would like a riby eye. Please suggest a good cut to me. I do a rough idea which would be a good steak. He mentioned to me would you like a leaner type or more of a fatty piece? Definitely a nice fat distribution to meat ratio please I asked. He looked through a few pieces and said this is the best they got at the time. I approved and it was wrapped in butcher paper. It felt like a meat butcher place which is rare in the SGV area.

He notice that I was wearing scrubs and asked about what I do and what not. We talked about for 10 minutes about his past experience in the medical field. Pretty amazing, this place you build that connection with that staff that makes you want to come back.

The steak I cooked was perfect. Insanely tender and juicy. I say I got the quality of steak for half the amount at a pricier steak house. I still think about it today.. Maybe its time to make another visit.

Yes I will be coming back!

5 star rating     7/8/2016

Alexander's undoubtedly carries the best steaks out of any place I've tried. I've purchased steaks from many different butchers throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties and though there are some really good steaks out there, Alexander's still reigns supreme. I've even done side-by-side tastings with steaks of the same cut from other places and the steaks from Alexander's always end up being everyone's favorite. To top it all off, the people who work there are great. I don't go often enough to have established any sort of relationship with any of them, but they treat me and everyone else the same every time I go. They're always helpful and very friendly. I can't say enough great things about this place and can't wait until I go back to pick up my next piece of prime rib eye steak!

5 star rating     5/1/2016

Lived in San Gabriel for 5 years and down the street was Howies. You will always receive a nice warm welcoming and amazing service. Got all our meat and chicken here and always got compliments when we hosted parties about our food.

5 star rating     2/22/2016

This place is great!! This is my favorite place to buy cuts of meat and seafood in the area. The guys behind the counter are also great.. old school butchers who know their meat and how to cook it. I usually get the Harris Ranch filet mignons.. they are excellent! They also have good roasts, fresh cut bacon and a good selection of seafood. I have also called ahead and ordered peeled shrimp. All of the meat looks fresh and clean there.. it is a nice treat to visit this great meat market compared to other local super markets. You wont be disappointed!

5 star rating     2/18/2016

Alexander's provided amazing food and service for an event of 100 guests. The setup and presentation was very elegant. We received many complements from guests. Denise, Mike, and their staff were absolutely wonderful.